Interview with a Speed Math Champion: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Are you interested in improving your math skills? Do you want to compete in speed math competitions but don't know where to start? Well, you are in luck because we have interviewed a speed math champion who has shared their tips and tricks for becoming a pro in speed math.

Interviewing a speed math champion was an incredible experience. The champion, whose name I promised not to share, is a world-renowned math genius who has won countless championships and broken records. During the interview, I got to learn not only about the tips and tricks that made them a champion but also about their approach and mindset when it comes to math.

The Mindset of a Speed Math Champion

First off, the champion talked about their mentality when approaching math problems. They stressed the importance of keeping calm and focused, even when under pressure. They explained how speed math competitions often have timed rounds, which can be overwhelming for some participants. They advised that one should get plenty of sleep before the competition, eat healthily, and stay hydrated to promote mental clarity.

The champion also talked about how they have a positive attitude towards math. They described how society often portrays math as "hard" or "difficult," but in reality, it is only intimidating because many people perceive it to be that way. They encouraged viewers to approach math with an open mind, asking questions, and not being afraid to make mistakes. This mentality shifted my perspective on math and made it seem more approachable and intriguing.

The Tips and Tricks

After discussing the mindset, the conversation shifted to tips and tricks for tackling math problems, particularly in a timed environment. The champion emphasized that, like in any sport or competition, it's important to practice regularly. They suggested using resources, such as speed math websites and problem books, to sharpen your skills.

To start, it is crucial to learn the basics. When practicing, focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These are the foundation of all math problems, and mastering them is essential. Once you have the foundation mastered, try to improve and adopt shortcut techniques that can save you valuable seconds during the competition.

Here are some examples of the champion's favorite speed math shortcuts:


The champion explained how, for many people, multiplying numbers in their head can be one of the most challenging parts of math. They explained how it's easier to multiply by a single digit number by partitioning the other number into smaller parts. For example:

54 x 8 can be broken down into (50 x 8) + (4 x 8) = 400 + 32 = 432.

Furthermore, knowing the squares of numbers up to 20 can save a whole lot of time.

Squaring numbers ending in 5

For example:

25^2 = 2(2+1) + 5^2 = 625.
45^2 = 4(4+1) + 5^2 = 2025.

Squaring numbers that are just above or below 50

For example:

51^2 = (50 + 1)^2 = 50^2 + 2(50 x 1) + 1^2 = 2601.
49^2 = 2401.


For division problems, rather than working through the division process, it's often quicker to multiply by the reciprocal (inverse) of the divisor. The example given:

72 / 8 can be done faster by multiplying 72 x 1/8 instead = 9.

These were just a few of the many tips and tricks shared by the champion. Practicing them regularly will increase your speed and accuracy, but it's important not to rely on shortcuts alone.

The Champion's Recommended Resources

During the interview, the champion also recommended some resources that helped them become a pro in speed math:




In conclusion, the interview with the speed math champion was eye-opening and fascinating. Their advice for approaching math problems with an open mind and adopting a positive attitude shifted my perspective on math. Their tips and tricks for tackling timed math problems were practical and can be practiced by anyone wanting to improve their math skills. Their recommended resources provided a great starting point for anyone looking to become a pro in speed math.

If you're curious about speed math or looking to improve your abilities, I highly recommend checking out the champion's recommended resources and approaching math with a positive attitude. With practice and dedication, who knows, maybe one day, you too could be a speed math champion!

Stay curious, and happy calculating!

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